Barack Obama Now Pals With the Dos Equis Man Are Now Friends – People Are Loving It

Barack Obama Now Pals  With the Dos Equis Man Are Now Friends – People Are Loving It

Jonathan Goldsmith is a name that most people wouldn’t recognize. However, millions of people recognize him by his nickname: The Most Interesting Man In The World. Goldsmith started out as an actor and eventually found his way into Dos Equis commercials. He ran a successful marketing company years ago as well. Still, Goldsmith’s claim to fame will always revolve around those alcohol commercials.

The World’s Most Interesting Man recently penned and released a memoir. In the book, readers will come across dozens of interesting and unique tales. It turns out Goldsmith really is as interesting as the character he played on television commercials. One minor excerpt from his book has garnered the most attention, though. During Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, Goldsmith met the president seeking out a second term.

Goldsmith found himself part of a welcoming party in Vermont for Obama. Since Obama had (obviously) seen the Dos Equis commercials, he recognized Goldsmith immediately. The two chatted for a few minutes, and Goldsmith moved on with his daily life. According to the memoir, he soon received an invitation to the President’s 50th birthday party. Such an occasion allowed the two to sit down and chat for an extended period of time.

Apparently, the former president and Goldsmith are closed friends today. They speak on a regular basis, and the memoir sheds a few other details on the friendship. Perhaps nobody is too surprised that the World’s Most Interesting Man knows the former United States President. Then again, social media lit up when news of the memoir excerpt hit news outlets, and everyone seems to love the pairing of Obama and Goldsmith.

Without a doubt, Goldsmith’s memoir is worth a read through. It contains countless stories from the World’s Most Interesting Man. He writes of his time struggling as an actor in Hollywood. Also, Goldsmith touches upon the successful marketing company he once helmed until the company crashed and split apart. Some of the tales are heartwarming, and others are heartbreaking, but they’re all worth a read.

Thanks to Dos Equis, Goldsmith made a small fortune during his run with the company from 2009 to 2016. It should be noted that he’s technically no longer the Most Interesting Man In The World. Augustin Legrand now holds the title in a new partnership with Dos Equis. Fortunately, nobody is going to forget the original World’s Most Interesting Man anytime soon, and Goldsmith remains a popular meme on the Web, too.

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