Baby Horse Is Drowning In A River – But Watch How This Wild Stallion Reacts

Champ, who is a wild stallion, went down to the river with his family one day. A few minutes later, another family of horses came to the opposite end of the bank. Champ and his family were intrigued by the horses, and they started to cross the river to meet the other horses.

When they began to cross, the filly of the family was swept underneath the water. Champ grabbed the filly by her neck, but she ended up breaking free and going under the water again.

Champ got away from the group so that he could save the filly. He grabbed her neck again and pulled her to the bank. He did not let her go until they reached the bank. The filly was clearly shaken by what just happened. She ran to her mother. Champ then crossed the river to the meet the other family of horses.

The video of the filly being rescued by Champ has been put on YouTube. It has been viewed over 2.1 million times. The person who recorded the video stated that the ending of the video is like an ending to a fairytale. This video shows that wild horses are incredible and intelligent creatures.

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