As Soon As They Got On Stage They Were Nervously Laughing. But Once They Started. They OWNED it

Giggling before a performance sometimes leads to words that are forgotten or someone who might not take the song seriously. A group of singers who use a little comedy in their act begin with a little giggle. When they begin the routine, they shock the judges.

The name of the group is Miss Tres. They appeared on a show called Asia’s Got Talent. This is a show where people take the stage to show their talents of singing, comedy, dancing and more. The judges thought that they were going to sing, but when they began, it was like nothing anyone had ever seen.

They appeared wearing the same outfits, and you can tell that they seem a little nervous, but this looks to be all a part of the act. They turn away from the audience, and when they start singing, there is a deep voice that no one expected.

They are a good group, but they sound as though there are a few secrets thet might be hiding. The judges go crazy, and the audience is impressed as the initial giggling doesn’t match the voices. They even talk differently while they introduce themselves, but when asked what their real names are, they reveal that they are men instead of women.

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