Anonymous Just Leaked Trump’s Social Security Number And Private Personal – It Is ON! Info

There is a group known as Anonymous, and someone from that group has just done something that could be a negative factor in Donald Trump’s race for President. The person has leaked out some personal information about Trump, including his social security number. Some believe that the group features members who are white supremacists. Members have offered references to the German resistance movement.

When the information about Trump was released, such as his cell phone number, it came as a positive act for younger people across the country. A video has been released online about the ways that the group wants to oppose Trump in any way that they can.

There has been information that Trump wants to go against Muslims and other groups, not allowing them in the country. He is one who has had much violence against those who protest his actions and views.

The group believes that Trump is not fighting for the Constitution. Personal information was released so that others might be able to find out more information about Trump and the ways that he wants to lead as a dictator. Some think the release of information shouldn’t be condoned, but there are others who think that it was done at just the right time.

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