Ana Navarro: “If Hillary leaked classified info to Russians, you’d impeach her NOW”

Over the past few months, the United States and the rest of the world has been getting used to the Donald Trump presidency. While there have been a lot of changes made already, one of the biggest stories that has popped up in the recent week has been the allegation that Donald Trump leaked information to the Russian government.

This recent news has been appalling to a lot of people and has left the Republican Party split. While many are continuing to defend Donald Trump, and have denied the allegations, others have been outspoken about the need for a further investigation and even further actions to be taken against the President. One person that has been very outspoken since the incident is Anna Navaro, who is the chief strategist for the GOP.

Navarro basically went as far as to point out that the leaders of the GOP have been very hypocritical about the handling of the situation. She has pointed out that during the Presidential Election earlier in the year many of the GOP leaders were very critical of Hillary Clinton in regards to the way she mishandled information on her personal servers. Many went as far as to state that she should potentially face criminal charges for the allegations.

While the GOP leaders were quick to point fingers at Hillary Clinton, they have continued to deny the rumors associated with Trump. Ana Navarro has continued to state that the leaders of the GOP need to have more strength when it comes to dealing with the President. She has further stated that, based on the same logic applied to Clinton, the GOP should be seeking ways to have President Trump removed from office.

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