America, Meet The New First Lady:

Melania Trump will be the United States’ First Lady very soon, which surprised many Americans who did not think that Donald Trump would win the election. It is a milestone in American politics as she is the second foreign-born First Lady that the United States has had; the first person was Louisa Adams, 192 years ago.

To say that Melania Trump is stepping into big shoes does not give the historic event much justice. Melania was born Melanija Knavs in Slovenia. Slovenia is a country she is proud of, but she also dreamed of modeling. She had a relatively successful career as a model and appeared in several international magazines. It was not long before Melania made her way to the United States, where she worked with a visa. She applied as a model and said that she had extraordinary abilities. The, now, First Lady did not obtain residency until the year 2001. Trump’s wife obtained her citizenship in 2006, which is something that she is grateful for.

Everyone has their own ideas about what Donald Trump wants to accomplish as this nation’s new president, but many are turning their eyes to the First Lady. It is no secret that the position is a very proactive role. Each person who has held the position has brought something new to the table. Michelle Obama, for example, attempted to bring awareness to the very serious issue of national health and overall wellness. Many Americans owe the soon-to-be former First Lady many thanks, which is partly the reason why many are looking to Melania Trump.

Melania has not been too vocal during Trump’s run of the white house, but she has spoken from time to time. Melania has talked about the importance of legal immigration and has also defended her husband’s reputation repeatedly. Some people in Trump’s campaign have mentioned that Melania has been instrumental in helping Donald be a bit more presidential. No one can deny that helping Donald achieve this particular goal is no easy task.

Trump’s wife did speak a little about what she hopes to accomplish or what she is worried about. Melania has touched on the fact that cyber-bullying is becoming quite toxic in the United States. She believes that there is a significant culture of hate and mistreatment on the Internet. This is something that she believes has to be addressed. She has not released any plans or a general guideline regarding what she plans to do about the situation, but she points out her concern over it. In fact, she says that the issue has become worse than mere bullying on a school playground.

Some critics have definitely noticed that her concerns over cyber-bullying are a little surprising since her husband has successfully used social media to do a little bullying himself. Still, this does not mean that Melania approves of her husband’s actions and may be entirely against it. Couples always disagree about something, and this might be their disagreement. Melania hopes to find a way to nurture kindness, care, and respect back onto social media platforms. She says that it is important to uplift the children in this country, and she intends to be a part of that movement.

Melania says that this is merely one of the concerns that she intends to address but has not been clear about other tasks that she will take on as the United States’ new First Lady. The American people will simply have to wait and see what Melania and Trump have planned for the people of this country. There is no doubt that watching this couple for the next four years will be interesting.

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