After Watching THIS I Promised Myself I’d Never Buy Soda Again. You Can Not Afford To Skip This

Most people have read or heard about the many health warnings regarding the massive amounts of sugar contained in soft drinks such as Coca-Cola which ultimately prove hazardous to good health.

But simply knowing this information isn’t the same as visually confronting the ugly truth that every serving of the world’s most popular carbonated beverage product contains an unhealthy amount of sugar. Now someone has taken it upon himself to offer a disturbing video comparison of regular Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero with a new video offering that is making the viral rounds.

In a saucepan which has been set onto a source of high heat, a bottle of regular Coca-Cola has been poured. As the heat starts the soda bubbling, the liquid eventually evaporates and the hand of an unseen individual continues to stir the pan.

What is left at the end is a gooey and slimy looking black mess of sludge which the video identifies as sugar. Then in comparison, a skillet sitting atop the same source of high heat is filled with Coca-Cola Zero. The liquid soon begins to bubble away and eventually evaporate, until only a small trace of a burned substance remains in the pan.

Now it’s time to compare the sugary residue left by Coca-Cola versus the residue in the pan that’s left by Coca-Cola Zero. The results are disturbing enough to help wean health-conscious individuals off drinking either of these carbonated beverages.

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