After Seeing The Way He Carves The Turkey, I Realized I’ve Been Doing It Completely Wrong

How to Carve It Right on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has to be one of the most eagerly awaited and celebrated holidays in America. So much effort goes into preparing that impressive meal for the family gathering. It is important to get all the details rights when making your dinner presentation.

Thanksgiving dinner is never complete without the turkey. A lot of preparations are done in preparing the turkey from the defrosting and stuffing. By the time the turkey gets into the oven, everyone is full of expectations.

As you make your dinner plans, get the perfectly sized bird for the number of guests you expect. It has been observed that the larger the bird, the more leftovers you have. This scenario can be avoided since most people do not know of productive ways to deal with the leftovers.

Your roasted turkey leaves the oven as your family gathers by the dining table. As impressive as it looks, the final presentations acts as the icing on a beautiful cake. You do not want to splatter oil and grease all over the place while carving your turkey or presenting tattered pieces of meat. A perfectly arranged tray of turkey meat makes the appetites of your guests turn up.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when carving out your turkey;

• First you need the right cutlery for the job; a sharp slicing knife gives you perfect meat slices. Avoid using a serrated knife as this type of blade tears away the meat unevenly and that won’t be a good sight. Your slicing knife must be sharp enough to help you slice away the meat with ease.

• You will also need a nice pair of kitchen scissors, a carving fork for arranging the meat slices and nice serving pallet or tray. It’s all about having that grand plan to make a beautiful presentation.

• Since the presentation and eating take place in the dining room, remember to make these final presentations in your kitchen. This is done to avoid making a mess and ruining the dining area. Also, it doesn’t look cool when you do all the work in front of your guests. It’s only natural to do much of the work in the most spacious environment which is the kitchen by default.

• Before carving your turkey, take the time to remove the stuffed cabbages and potatoes inside the turkey. In this regard, it’s advisable to cook the turkey and the potatoes and legumes separately. By carving a hollow turkey, you work with a much drier mass of meat. Therefore, you can control the slicing process without worry of spillage.

• You need to dissect the turkey in an orderly manner. This means carving out the individual pieces of the cooked bird at the joints. For larger parts, slice average chunks of meat of the same size. Be keen to slice the meat across the grain to produce tender pieces. This makes it easier for your guests to chew and swallow.

• Last but not least, you want to arrange your fine looking chunks of meat in an impressive and artistic pattern. It should appeal to a bit of creativity on your part. Be guaranteed that by making such a presentation your guests will be rearing to have a taste.

The tips discussed above will make your Thanksgiving dinner one to remember. After the dinner, the remaining pieces of meat on the bird can be carved out and stored in your fridge. Remember the turkey’s skeletal remains have many uses. Therefore, it’s not a must you dispose.

We wish you a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving party.

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