After Learning Their Baby Won’t Survive, Parents Choose Casket Before He’s Even Born

The birth of a new child is an exciting time for any couple, but what if you knew your unborn child wouldn’t live very long after birth? One couple received this news before their baby boy was born, and as difficult as they knew it would be, they chose to meet him before he passed away.

T.K. and Deidrea Laux were thrilled when they learned they were expecting their first child, but just halfway through the pregnancy, they received the unfortunate news that their baby had a condition that would’t allow him to live long after he was born.

At a routine checkup, the couple learned that their baby had a rare DNA abnormality called Trisomy 13. The condition is incurable and fatal. Babies who are diagnosed with this condition often only live a few days after birth. Many die just hours after entering the world. After revealing the news to the couple, doctors suggested they terminate the pregnancy, but they declined. Even though they knew it may only be for a few hours, they wanted to meet their baby boy and hold him in their arms.

When the time came to meet their son, who they decided to name Thomas, the couple recorded the moment and posted it online. The video captures the sadness and joy Thomas brought to his parents in just a short amount of time.

Although some may have mixed feelings about the couple’s decision to meet their child before he passed, they said they could not imagine not having the opportunity to get to know and love their child.

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