Adele Is The Worst Jamba Juice Customer In History – Watch The Ultimate ‘Ellen’ Prank!

We always knew that deep down inside, iconic singer Adele is both hilarious and unaffected by her immense stardom.

The British beauty appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her recently botched performance at the Grammys, but after that, she was in the mood for a little pranking at the Jamba Juice stand.

Ellen had Adele wear an earpiece and walk into the popular smoothies establishment and place an order. Everything that came out of the 27-year-old’s mouth, was being dictated to her by Ellen.

Nonchalantly, Adele remarked, “I’ll take a Jamba juice.” The Jamba employees recognized the world famous pop star immediately. After that, it got crazy, as Ellen continued to feed Adele lines, commanding her to say some outrageous things.

Three eager employees stood behind the counter, waiting on Adele’s every word.

“One small cup but a large,” she continued, confusing the employees and causing two of them to giggle continuously.

“Sorry, I’ve never been here before,” Adele remarked. “We have something similar in England. We call it Swishy Chug … It’s a type of beet and potato mixed together.”

During the five-minute prank, Adele dipped into her large handbag and took out a pair of scissors and matter-of-factly, reached over and began snipping off a bunch of wheat grass from behind the counter and eating it.

“I feel like a deer in a forest,” Adele added. “What does a deer even sound like,” she laughed.

The employees were shocked and giggling, but politely trying to remain helpful and calm as they put together her bizarre order.

Adele then whipped out a miniature size bottle of amaretto, offering the employees to add it to her smoothie order. The cashier kindly told Adele that he didn’t think he could use that in her juice. Adele took it back and announced that she would drink it there and proudly took a few swigs.

“I have the shakes,” Adele added. “I haven’t had a drink for hours.”

Ellen couldn’t contain her laughter and cracked up with the audience back at the studio.

When it came time to pay for the order, Adele tossed her big bag upside down onto the counter, pretending to look for her money as the entire contents of knick-knacks spilled out everywhere, including Twizzlers, a knife, a pair of handcuffs and those scissors.

Adele finally came clean for the poor, baffled Jamba Juice employees, telling them that Ellen DeGeneres would pay for the order, and that it was a prank, and there were cameras everywhere.

The employees seemed totally relieved and delighted they were included in this hilarious remote segment on ‘Ellen.’

Watch the entire Jamba Juice prank here on

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