A Vending Machine That Trades Plastic Bottles For Food For Stray Animals? What A Genius Idea.

There are homeless, starving animals all over the world. Even in a relatively affluent nation such as the United States, stray cats and dogs are still a significant problem. They are even more of a problem in nations such as Turkey, which are considered to be developing nations at this point. Residents of Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, were complaining about the problem, and a solution was presented that will help a lot of these three animals.

In this video, a dog in Istanbul is walking around hungry, when he stumbles upon a white box that will help him quite a bit.

This white box is basically a vending machine for the stray animals in the area. How it works is that people jump in any water that they are not going to drink from their water bottles, and it goes to the dogs. The machine dispenses food as well. People also put their recyclables in a different spot within the machine. This is such a gift to all of the stray dogs in the area, because otherwise, they may not be able to eat. This is such a wonderful solution, although it would be great if there was more of this around the world for all of the stray animals who need help.

Hopefully, the idea catches on, and other country started adopting these boxes as well. In the United States, so many people throw out food and water, and it would be much better going to the stray animals.

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