A Plumber Felt Something Brush Against Him at the Lake. What He Turned To Witness…WOW

Angelo Mondragon is a plumber who was at a fun Sunday outing at Colorado’s picturesque Lake Windsor in the company of his beloved family members. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until he suddenly detected something unusual briefly rubbing on his body from below the water.

That’s when he discovered Sitlali Hernandez, a young girl who was passed out inside of the water. The time was roughly 2:30pm. Mondragon noted that he detected something quickly rubbing on his feet and then paid closer attention only to observe a little foot right below the top of the water.

Mondragon gently picked up the girl using his arms and swiftly ran to the lake’s shore. As he did this, he repeatedly screamed for assistance from others. A pair of certified nurses heard his yelling and immediately came over to join him. They conducted CPR on the motionless girl’s body. One nurse noticed that Hernandez instantly exhaled after receiving some breath. The girl was brought to the nearby Medical Center of the Rockies to get medical attention. Since then, her condition has been labeled as “good” by her medical providers.

The next day on Monday, Mondragon got the opportunity to see the little girl he rescued again. He visited the 3 year-old in the hospital. Thanks to Mondragon’s efforts, young Hernandez didn’t drown. The 32-year old plumber is now motivated to aid others by collecting life vests from area businesses. He wants to offer these vests to individuals who don’t have enough money to purchase them.

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