A Mom And Son Tested Popular Water Bottle Brands. What They Uncover? You’ll Want To Hear This:

When most people drink bottled water, they think that they are drinking something that is good for them. However, a recent report has shown that bottled water may not be as healthy as people think. A mother and son decided to test different water bottle brands. They tested a total of nine water bottles. They dipped PH sticks into each water bottle in order to determine whether it was alkaline or acidic.

They found that only three of the bottles had alkaline water. The brands were Fiji and Evian. The other water bottle had water in it that came from a well. This means that the other six bottles were acidic. It is important to note that acidic water can increase the risk of cancer.

The purpose of this experiment was to warn people that all bottled water is not created equal. The mother and son team stated that they wanted people to be aware of what they were putting into their bodies. Bottled water is the drink of choice for many people because they believe that it is good for them.

The mother and son recommend Fiji or Evian brands if you want to drink bottled water. You can also filter your water using a Brita filter.

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