A 4-Legged Creature Is Running Straight At Her – When It Gets Closer? INCREDIBLE!

Going on vacation often involves some adventurous activities. Travelers enjoy spending time on beaches or hiking in the mountains. Other times they enjoy adventuring into a forest such as the Everglades, which is exactly where Tina Dorschel had the experience of a lifetime.

The Wisconsin native had an unforgettable close encounter while walking on a path in Corkscrew Swamp, located in the western Everglades. As “Home to Earth’s Largest Ancient Virgin Bald Cypress Forest,” the Everglades house a number animals, some more exotic than others. Tina discovered that for herself when a rare panther came barreling towards her.

In the video clip, Tina records the panther as is draws closer and closer to her location. In shock, she can be heard repeating “Oh my God” multiple times during the encounter. Luckily for her, she was more interested in the panther than it was of her. The large cat speeds past her with only a glance.

The rare Florida Panther is an endangered species of cougar with only 160 of them remaining in the wild. They can weigh up to 160 pounds and feed mostly wild rabbits, mice, and deer. In rare cases, they have been known to feast on the American Alligator. Luckily for Tina, people are not on the menu.

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