9-Year-Old Boy Finds A Dying Stray On The Street – But He Acts Fast, And Saves A Life

In India, a 9 year old boy recently helped save a dog’s life. Sohan Lol happened to be in the right place at the right time when he saw the dog, Buddy, who had a critical injury to the head. The wound was open, gaping and bleeding and would have been hard for some people to stomach.

Sohan knew that the dog was injured and found adults from the Animal Aid rescue society to get the dog the care he needed. Before the professionals got there, Sohan gave the dog biscuits to keep him aware and engaged. The dog was scared and frightened but Sohan’s presence was highly comforting.

Within three weeks of being rescued, Buddy was healing and doing much better. Sohan went to visit Buddy at the shelter, and the two had a very happy reunion. Within five weeks of being rescued, Buddy was beginning to gain back much needed weight and looking like a happy dog for the first time.

The Animal Aid rescue society gave Sohan a certificate for their appreciation at Sohan’s school. Sohan was celebrated in front of all his classmates and teachers. Many people sent Sohan letters and messages on Facebook praising his good deed. Thanks to Sohan, Buddy will now be able to live a happy, healthy, normal life.

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