9 Cops Sit In Her Section At Red Robin – Then She Realizes Something Is VERY Wrong…

Jessica Dunbar is a server at a Red Robin restaurant in Polaris, Ohio. Recently she had a group of nine police officers from nearby Columbus stop in to get some food during her shift. As the daughter of a retired police officer, Jessica could tell that something was not quite right with the group.

She asked the officers if they were having a rough day and one responded, “It’s always a rough day when you’ve gotta put a brother in the ground”. It turns out that the men were just leaving the funeral of a fellow officer.

Officer Steven Smith was a part of the SWAT team that was called out to standoff that happened after attempting to serve a warrant to a suspect. The suspect shot and killed Officer Smith during the standoff. The 54-year-old officer leaves behind his wife and two adult children.

His fellow officers remember him as someone that you would want by your side, someone who would be there for you both at the job and outside of it. Hearing of Officer Smith’s passing, Jessica became emotional. She thought of her family and what these officers go through everyday to protect others.

As the officers finished their meal they got their bill. They were ready to pay the $123.00 until they noticed the note on the back from Jessica. She decided to take care of their lunch bill herself out of respect for them and for their fallen brother. Her act of kindness has now gone viral but Jessica said she was happy to just get a handshake from the nine officers that she served that day.

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