8 Women Clump Together Tightly. Watch Their Strange Hats As They Turn Their Heads

When you think of high-intensity sports, games like football and basketball tend to come to mind. All of that tackling and falling can be very strenuous on the body. The players can sustain some nasty blows like NBA player Kevin Ware’s bone splitting leg injury. While these sports are commonly revered for their athleticism and long hour of practice, there are other sports that are just as intense, and synchronized swimming is one of them.

The swimmers often wear wetsuits that resemble the costumes of figure skaters: Tight, fun, and colorful. They dance just as elegantly as an on-stage performer would, but take their talents to the water.

As the crowd cheers, they swim in unison, never missing a beat. You would assume that dancing in and out of the water would leave them unbearably winded, but these girls make it seem like they grew gills.

Synchronized swimming sits alongside ballet and gymnastics as one of the most underrated sports in the world. Their competitors maintain seamless grace all while pushing their bodies past the average human limit. This U.K. swim team puts on a fabulous show, complete with rockin’ outfits. Watching them perform inspires an energy that cannot be ignored.

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