7 Decades Ago, She Paid $18 For Her Wedding Dress – Look Closely And You’ll See WHY…

Edwin Morgan is a former veteran. When Hitler declared war on America, Edwin was one of the people who signed up to fight and defend the country. Edwin was happy to go home after fighting in Europe for months. He decided that he was going to take a souvenir with him.

That souvenir was a Luftwaffe pilot’s emergency parachute. After being back in the states for awhile, Edwin met a woman named Betty and fell in love with her. He had a reputation for being a lady’s man, but he was certain that Betty was the woman that he wanted to be with.

Betty wanted to marry Edwin, but she did not know where she could find a wedding dress. After the war, things were scarce and expensive. Betty’s future mother in law had an idea. She decided that the parachute could be transformed into a wedding dress.

At first, Betty did not think that transferring the parachute into a wedding dress was a good idea. However, she eventually decided to use the parachute as a wedding dress. The parachute was given to a tailor who made a wedding dress that was one of a kind. Betty only paid $18 for the dress.

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