6 of the Easiest Exercises to Ditch Stubborn Back Fat and Underarm Flab

Having excellent fitness is a constant battle that most people have to endure. There are always areas on our body that we would like to improve. It could be stomach fat, or fat around your legs, hips or even face. A lot of people have trouble with the extra fat on their back.

Perhaps you are doing all of the right things but the fat on your back continues to annoy you. This can cause you to become self conscious. You may change your wardrobe to avoid wearing certain things. Eventually, you may consider hiring a personal trainer or taking a class at your local gym to stay in shape. However, if you do not have the time or money to commit to those endeavors, there is a simple solution. There are a few exercises that you can do to get rid of back fat that won’t cost you any money. Here are 6 exercises that can you get rid of unwanted back fat and help you achieve the physique that you want.


The T-Y-I exercises are easy to learn. To start with the initial T, lie face down on the floor with your arm out to the sides to make the letter T. Once your palms are face down, elevate your arms and pinch your shoulder blades together. Do multiple sets of twenty.

For the initial Y, extend your arms above your head to make the letter Y while in that same position. Pinch your blades together and make sure that your arms are straight.

To achieve the initial I, lift your arms up to make the letter I while your shoulders stay together. Be sure to keep your shoulders down.

Prone Reverse Fly

Probe Reverse Fly is an exercise that targets those small areas in your upper back. Start by lying on the floor face down with your arms stretched out. Raise your head and chest off the ground. The backs of your hands should face toward the ceiling. You should do around three sets of 10.


The Superman exercise will help tone your inner back. To start, lie face down on the floor with your arms stretched over your head. Next, life your chest and knees off the ground and hold that position for a few seconds. Make sure to do multiple sets.

The Bird-Dog

To start this exercise, make sure that you are on all fours with a straightened back. Extend your right arm and leg, holding the position for a few seconds. The Bird-Dog stretches the muscles in your shoulders and spine, which stimulates blood flow to those spots. The Bird-Dog exercise will improve your flexibility, balance, and stability.

Snow Angels

To start this exercise, you should be laying face down with your arms at your sides. Your palms should be down. While keeping your head down, raise your arms above your head until your thumbs meet at twelve o’clock. Your feet should be a few inches from the wall so that your back will be straight. Lower your arms back to your sides and repeat this motion for three sets of 10.

Plank Drops

Plank Drops will strengthen all of the muscles that help keep your back straight. To begin, get in position as if you were doing a plank. While on your stomach, keep your hips and shoulder blades still. Hold this motion for a few seconds.

The main thing that all of these exercises have in common is that you do not need to buy any expensive equipment to perform them. These exercises are easy to do and won’t cost you any money. Just develop a daily routine and you will see good results very soon.

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