35 Years Ago They Met For The First Time – Look Closely At His Legs… This Is Unbelievable!

Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee are in their 60’s now, but they don’t let age slow them down! Since 1981, the pair have been an official dance duo. They have competed in competitions- and won most of them!

They are passionate about what they do, which shows in their every move. Many of the videos that they have created have gone viral, proving that age is just a number. They have inspired others to follow their passions, no matter what age they may be!

Together Charlie and Jackie have been in over 300 competitions. For over 12 years they were undefeated, which is unprecedented. The pair are committed to preserving the dance called “The Shag”.

Together they won the National Shag Dance competition nine out of ten times. They have been on shows such as “CBS Morning Show” and “Good Morning America” numerous times to promote the Shag. Through their dancing, they help raise money for charities such as Camp Sunshine and Camp Chemo. They are also private instructors and have numerous instructional DVDs available for those who are interested in learning their skills.

Remember Charlie and Jackie the next time someone tells you that you are too old to do something that you love!

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