3 Sons Take Their Spots, But Keep Your Eye On The Dad To The Left.

Laurie Neales turned 60 this year. About a decade ago, he had a heart attack, and after he survived this event, he took up singing. He wanted to do whatever it took to make him happy and pursue his passion, and his family was behind him. His sons supported him as well. However, it took about three years for him to get his three handsome sons to perform with him on Britain’s Got Talent. His sons are 24, 26, and 28, and they work in marketing, banking, and law.

This video shows the first public performance done by the four men. They perform the Everly Brothers’ “When Will I Be Loved.” The performance was wonderful, and when you consider the backstory behind all of it, it is incredibly touching. In the video, before they sing the song, the three young men talk about what grave experience it was when they were about to lose their father.

They very clearly love him, as shown by the fact that they are supporting him in his dream now. They believe that he was burned out with all the work that he was doing his entire life to support them, and they now believe that it is their turn to support him in his pursuit of happiness.

The judges loved the performance, as all four of them voted yes on this family. It is heartwarming to see a family that loves one another this much, and it is hard not to root for them.

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