21 Years Ago, He And Celine Said ‘I Do’ – Now He’s Gone,This Song Is All She Has Got

Celine Dion and Rene Angelil got married in December 1994. While many people were happy to see the two fall in love and get married, other people chose to laugh at them, speculating that the relationship would not last because of their age difference. However, Celine and Rene proved everyone wrong. They were married for 21 years.

Not only were the two happily married, but Rene was Celine’s biggest fans, spending thousands of dollars to promote his wife’s career. Celine dedicated “The Colour of My Love” album to her husband to thank him for all of the support that he’s given her.

The world was stunned when Rene passed away, after having been battling throat cancer. The couple had been inseparable since the they met, and Celine is naturally heartbroken. However, she can take comfort in her hit song “My Heart Will Go On”…

Many people were expecting her to sing the song at her husband’s funeral. However, Celine stated that she will not be, because she is still in mourning and going through an incredibly difficult time. To exacerbate this, her brother also died from throat cancer four days after her husband. 

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