20 Rediculous Facts That Sound Like BS, But Are Actually True. Which Is Your Favorite?

20 Rediculous Facts That Sound Like BS, But Are Actually True. Which Is Your Favorite?

With the presidential election on the horizon the media and politicians are feeding us a lot of BS dressed up as facts. It is exhausting and quite frankly dispicable. So, to mix your day up I’ve compiled a list of 20 actual facts that just sound like BS, but are in fact true. Please enjoy:

1. Clouds, despite their light and fluffy appearance, weigh more than 1 million pounds.

2. There are more people that contracted cancer directly related to clean-up of the 9/11 aftermath than have been diagnosed remotely related to the Chernobyl nuclear incident.

3. The Louvre Art Museum houses so many pieces that it would take one person, spending just three seconds viewing each piece, five months to see everything.

4. More than twenty percent of the mammals on Earth are bats.

5. More people die each year in vending machine related incidents than are killed by sharks.

6. Eighty out of every 100 males born in the Soviet Union during 1923 did not survive World War II.

7. Human beings now create more information, every two days, than was created from the beginning of time through 2003.

8. The U.S. comprises just four percent of the world’s population while it accounts for twenty-five percent of the world’s prison population.

9. It is more likely for a 7-year-old girl to be raped in South Africa than it is for her to receive an education.

10. If you were to drop a lightweight candy onto a neutron star from just three feet away, the candy would land in a microsecond but hit with the force of 1,000 nuclear bombs.

11. William Shakespeare and Pocahontas lived during the same time period. They died just 150 miles away from each other and less than a year apart.

12. Mount Everest was originally measured to be exactly 29,000 ft. The height was later reported to be 29,002 ft. to prevent accusations that the original recording was only estimated.

13. There are more black bears in Maine than there are African-Americans.

14. Congress mentions Hitler a measured 7 to 8 times per month.

15. Nintendo and the Ottoman Empire existed at the same time. The Ottoman Empire lasted from 1299 through 1923. Nintendo was created in 1889.

16. A person could walk from North Korea to Norway, simply by passing through one country: Russia.

17. The stated difference between one million and one billion may not seem like much, but is actually huge. One million seconds can be measured as 11 days, while one billion seconds is measured as 31 years.

18. Every planet in the solar system could fit in the distance between the Earth and its moon.

19. The combined weight of the ants in the world is almost equal to the combined weight of all the humans in the world.

20. It is possible to sail from Canada to Canada in a straight line, without once hitting land, and to cross through each time zone that is not already in Canada.

So there you have it! Share with your friends and spread this weird knowledge.

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