2 Sets Of Twins Marry Each Other. But That Isn’t Even The Strangest Part. Where They All Live?

Doug and Phil Malm are identical twin brothers who got married to Jill and Jena Lassen, who are identical twin sisters. The two couples share a Moscow, Idaho home where it is assumed they correct people who cannot tell them apart.

The Daily Mail newspaper reports that the 58-year-old Malm brothers met the 48-year-old Lassen sisters in Twinsburg, Ohio at the yearly Twin Festival. The brothers each proposed in 1992, and the double wedding took place in 1993.

Since many are curious to know how attraction works in identical twins situations, Doug Malm explained to National Geographic that he simply told his brother to choose one of the women and stick with her.

The Lassen girls’ mother, Jenne, said that helping twin daughters get ready for a wedding was a large amount of work, especially since they tried on over 50 different gowns before deciding to wear identical dresses.

Jill and Doug have a daughter, Rylie, while Jena and Phil have a son named Tim. Rylie and Tim look very much alike, and are genetically siblings even though they are legally cousins.

Although the two families are very close and share a home, Doug says they are not exactly the same in all things, and there is a fair amount of independence.

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