2 Girls Pose For Photo At Disney World – But Watch Minnie Mouse’s Hands…

Going to Disney World is an exciting experience for both children and adults. Shaylee Mansfield recently had an unforgettable experience at Disney World. She is deaf, and her parents are also deaf.

Growing up was difficult for Shaylee. Even though she went to school for deaf children and learned how to communicate with sign language, her parents did not know how to use sign language. Shaylee felt confident at school, but she often felt left out at home because no one else knew how to use sign language.

One day, Shaylee’s parents took her and her sister to Disney Parks. The girls took a photo with Minnie Mouse. After the photo, Minnie Mouse shocked everyone by performing sign language.

This seemed like a small gesture, but it was a big deal to Shaylee. She lived her whole life feeling like she was never understood. She was also treated differently because of her disability. That is why Shaylee felt special when Minnie Mouse performed sign language.

The video of Shaylee’s amazing experience at Disney World has been posted on YouTube. It has received over 981,000 times since it was posted on March 1, 2016. Many people have been touched by the video.

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