15 Surgeries and 9 Years Later, Her Husband Has Become Her Guardian Angel…

A woman slipped in the shower, and her husband rushed to her aid. He wanted to make sure she was alright and that nothing was broken. When the woman saw him enter the bathroom to help, she realized that he wasn’t just her husband, but also her guardian angel.

A radio host wanted to recognize members of the community who had made a difference in the lives of other people so he started a program called Angels in Disguise. He knew that choosing a winner would be difficult, but when this woman’s story came across his desk, he knew that he found a winner.

She was battling a condition she called “bone death” (aka osteonecrosis). Her husband had carried her and taken care of her since she was 35. She had had 15 surgeries, and her guardian-husband-angel-man has been there through all of them. When the couple discovered her condition, doctors were reluctant to help. She had two intense surgeries which left her unable to do much of anything around the home.

Instead of leaving as she feared he would, her husband stood by her. She did dislocate her hip when she fell in the shower, but her husband once again made sure that she had everything she needed and didn’t have to worry with her ailment.

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