11-Year-Old Twins Blow Crowd Away With Wildly Good Stage Performance. Watch The Boy On The Left!

Dynamic television personality Steve Harvey is helping to expose and nourish the talent of some very skilled youths with his show “Little Big Shots.” One band that recently made a big splash on his series was Pelican 212.

Fronted by twins Kolbe and Max, who are 11 years old, the band features New Orleans-style jazz, and these kids are amazingly talented at coaxing truly spirited music out of their instruments. In addition to the twins, the band includes three other brass instrumentalists, one guitarist and a percussionist. When the seven of them play together, it is hard to believe that these musicians are so young.

Max and Kolbe are extremely talented trumpet players, and they are also renowned for their ability to sing in a style similar to Louis Armstrong. When they appeared on “Little Big Shots” performing a lively rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In,” the crowd went wild, and it was clear from Harvey’s facial expressions that he was very impressed.

With such talent at these incredibly young ages, it seems likely that these kids have a bright future ahead of them in music. In the meantime, it’s inspiring to see what the youth of America can accomplish when they marry their skills with a great deal of passion and hard work.

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